WHAT IS IPTV? Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to send television programming to your TV. IPTV uses a broadband Internet connection for top international programming directly to your home without a satellite dish. Just connect your receiver to your IPTV Internet from the house and on your TV, then sit back and enjoy.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL AND SATELLITE IPTV PROGRAMMING? Traditional satellite dish requires the customer to install a dish on their whereabouts. IPTV offers a unique solution for customers who are unable to satellite programming (due to no sight to the satellite or apartment with its limitations). IPTV provides higher quality and cheaper than traditional satellite service.

WHAT DO I NEED TO LOOK FOR TV? To install and use the IPTV, you need the following: High-speed Internet connection (recommended or higher) at least 25mb

HOW DO I CHECK MY INTERNET SPEED & QUALITY? Please use speed test server below to test your internet connection, Do this few times through the day. This will give you a good idea of overall internet speed available to you. A stable 35 Mbps is the minimum requirement.


CAN I USE THE IPTV AS I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT? Yes, IPTV is perfect for people who live in an apartment! IPTV works well everywhere with high-speed internet, including apartment buildings or high-rise buildings, or as a satellite TV dish cannot be installed at your home. Often traveling? Take the IPTV, and watch your favorite programs on the go or at the temporary destination.

CAN I BUY THE IPTV IF I DO NOT COME INTO CONSIDERATION FOR SATELLITE SERVICE? Yes, you can buy and use IPTV if you do not qualify for a satellite TV service. Since IPTV delivers international programming to your TV via the Internet, no satellite dish is required. Moreover, To qualify, you need a high-speed internet connection of at least 40 Mbps or higher.

WHY I CAN’T ACCESS MY ACCOUNT? First, please check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again. Secondly, if your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices. as you can view from more than 1 device at the same time.

I AM NOT IN OR FROM USA/CAN OR THE UK. CAN I STILL SUBSCRIBE? Yes. Our service is available worldwide to everyone. Subscribe here.

CAN I USE MY SUBSCRIPTION ON MORE THAN 1 DEVICE? Please pay attention, we have plans from 1 to 6 connections that means subscription can be used on multiple devices according with the number of connections you pay. For example, If you pay for 3 connections then you can watch only on 3 devices at the same time.

WHAT PAYMENT METHODS ARE AVAILABLE? Authorize.net allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: Credit or debit cards, and rewards balance with automatic currency conversion and no hidden fees.

DOES MY SUBSCRIPTION START TO BE ACTIVE RIGHT AFTER I MAKE A PAYMENT? Subscription starting to be active from the moment you will receive your activation confirmation in your email.


David subscribed for 3 Months on June 1st at 11:55 PM and activation confirmation were received June 2nd at 01:00 AM. David subscription is starting to be active from June 2nd 01:00 AM for next 3 months.


– Check if you sent your mac address correctly.

– Check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again.

– If you have PC/Laptop, etc. connected to same internet network check if you are not overloading your network with downloading or watching movies, etc… on these devices.

– Your Internet needs to be minimum 35 Mbit Download and 15 Mbit upload speed.

– Reboot your devices and wait for 90 sec before turning them back on (Fire TV, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems)

– I would suggest connecting using a LAN (Ethernet) cable to devices if an Ethernet port is available and instead of Wifi because is more secure and faster.

– If your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices.

– Check if the device/app/program got the latest software and firmware updates.

– Check the download speed on the actual device that is streaming our service, you may have 50mbs on your computer, but the device could be considerably slower, indicating a problem on your internal network.

– Check for any high processor demanding applications running in the background that can be stopped, this is very important for low-end devices.

– Check if your ISP having problems in your area, an excellent site to check this is downdetector.com

– Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app/program, your activation will not be lost.

MY CHANNELS ARE NOT WORKING? We strive to provide you with a high level of service at very low rates. So please keep this in mind first and foremost.

If a channel is down, we will do our best to restore that back to service.

Please use the guidelines below before reporting a channel:

– Stop and give it a few minutes to get stability. We reboot and swap channels when needed. The channel may be coming back.

– Is this happening on all channels? If it is, you need to check on your end.

– Reboot your devices and wait for 60 secs before turning them back on (Fire TV, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems)

– Check your internet connection, I would suggest connecting using a LAN (Ethernet) cable to devices if an Ethernet port is available and instead of Wifi because is more secure and faster.

CHANNEL ISSUES? If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to break in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.

BUFFERING ON CHANNELS? Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic.


The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may be because of low internet speed or other users hogging the bandwidth in your house. Do you have lots of users in your home? Disconnect them all and try again


If posible try connecting to your router using a LAN (ethernet) cable or to a powerline adaptor.

If not possible, try moving the box closer to the router.

Change your WI-FI channel. To avoid interference with nearby devices.

If you experience buffering press “pause” for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.


Because of decoder setting problem, some channels are only having sound without images/video, please do as followings:

  1. Go to Settings in your device/app/program.
  2. Choose Native for the Decoder.
  3. Restart.


We can not promise all channels are working properly due to your Internet speed, Individual channel technical difficulties or if incompatible device/app/program is used.




So the first thing I want to get out of the way is the stigma of download speeds and requirements for download speed.
In streaming like we do you will be just fine with at least 35mbps. I myself have streamed tethering off my phone with only 18mbps, but let’s set the standard at 35mbps. If you have at least 35mbps and you are having issues buffering, the download speed is not your problem.
A lot of people seem to think that buffering is caused by low download speeds but that is just not true.
Like I said above you can stream perfectly fine on 35mbps, in the same token you can have GB download speeds and have buffering issues.
There are a few things that will cause buffering.

Yes it’s nice to be able to watch movies and tv shows for free using free links, I mean free anything is always great. But keep in mind free is not always the best. The servers that the free links come from can get congested with heavy traffic spiking the bandwidth usage of that server.
This is common during heavy streaming hours (night time and weekends). Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on your end to fix this, the only thing you can do is try another link.
I highly suggest spending a few bucks for real-debrid. Real-debrid is a premium service that uses tons of premium servers all over the world. They only allow a small amount of bandwidth usage per server so you the user don’t run into heavy traffic. This helps eliminate buffering. If you’re still having issues with buffering using real-debrid then more then likely it’s on your end. I’m not saying real-debrid doesn’t run into issues ever, It’s Technology it does have it’s down points at times.
Equipment plays a big roll in internet. If you have cheap equipment and you have the best internet provider in the world with this highest speeds, you are still going to run into issues.
So invest a good router that will perform with the speeds you are paying for.
Most isp routers will not perform with the service they sell you, so it’s best to purchase your own.
Here is what to look for when shopping for a good router.
First do your research on different routers and read customer reviews.
Second you want a router that is dual band, dual band has both 2.4GHz network and 5GHz network (we will get into networks later).
You could also go with a mesh system router if you really feel it’s necessary.
Next you want to make sure your router can cover the size of the place you live in.
Look for the sq ft the router covers and be sure it will cover the sq ft of your place.
Next check the speeds the router can output and either match it with the speeds your paying for or higher (I suggest going a little higher then the speeds you pay for).
Next and another key factor is placement of router.
You should place your router in the center part of your house, or in a open corner so the signal can bounce off the walls and reach were it needs to send the signal.
So as I mentioned above you want to have a dual band router. Dual band routers have two WiFi networks, 2.4GHz network and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz network is your standard WiFi network. On this network your speeds will be drastically reduced. The 2.4GHz is ideal for cellphones, computers…etc..
The 5GHz network is your powerhouse network. Like being hardwired the 5GHz network will give you your full speed and best bandwidth. The 5GHz network is designed for streaming/gaming. You want your firesticks to be on the 5GHz network and only your firesticks, if you have a gaming system you want that on the 5GHz network as well( I highly suggest hard-wiring gaming systems if possible). Everything else in your house should be on the 2.4GHz network. The 5GHz network is not designed to handle multiple connections at once, this is why you put all your other devices on the 2.4GHz network. You will be fine running all your firesticks at the same time on the 5GHz network as long as that’s all that’s on this network. Also the 5GHz network is not designed for distance, this is why it is important that you make sure you get a router that covers the sq ft of your house. I also want to clear up wrong information that gets thrown around, some people think the 5GHz network will not go through walls, this is false. The 5GHz network will most certainly go through walls. The whole 5GHz network not being able to go through walls is more towards exterior walls. So for instance if you walk outside your house you will more than likely drop your WiFi. Now I usually go into the router settings and separate the WiFi networks by putting a 5 after the name on my 5GHz network. Example- WiFi name lets say is mark, my 2.4GHz network will be named “mark” and my 5GHz network will be named “mark5”. Also make sure that your router is not set to choose network on its own, it’s best to have that set to choose manually
If everything above has been done and you are still having issues then next you are going to want too run a speed test on your device. Go ahead and get the speed test app called “analiti” on your Fire Device.
On a firestick you can go to the amazon store and search for it by name or use the Alexa Mic on your remote and say “speed test”, analiti should be the first option. Now once you download analiti open it up, it will start a quick scan test just to tell you your speeds. On the left hand menu you will see a bunch of different options, the second one down is detailed test, you want to click on that.
Now let the test complete before reading any numbers. Now you want to know what your bandwidth usage is at, analiti will not give you your bandwidth usage and I have yet to find a speed test that will except Xbox’s speed test, but that won’t do you any good because you need to perform the Speedtest on the device that is having issues(every device is going to get different results). So here is what you want to look for too determine your bandwidth usage, average latency. You will notice there are a few latency test results on this speed test, you want all of them to be an average of 30ms to 50ms.
Bandwidth and latency run right with each other for the most part.
So let me Break it down for you,
Bandwidth should be between 60ms to 80ms(the lower the better)
Latency should be between 30ms and 50ms(again the lower the better).
So like I said latency runs with bandwidth, so if your latency is at 30ms then your bandwidth is 60ms give or take. If your latency is at 50ms then your bandwidth is at 80ms give or take.
Next you want too check your round trip ping.
The round trip ping is the time it takes for your device to send a request to the server you are pinging to and for the server to respond back(for a better lack of words).
Now this one is a tough one to determine, distance to server plays a key roll here. So if distance to server is 50 miles or less(the most common) then your ping should be from 1ms to 30ms (the lower the better) if you are pinging across state 100 miles or more then a ping from 30ms to 60ms would be fine(again the lower the number the better).
If any of that is higher, you are going to have too determine where the issue is.
So next you want to check WiFi signal strength and wifi phy speed (link speed). Be sure that your WiFi signal is good and the router can put out the speed that it’s supposed to. I’m sure you know how to read the signal strength so I’m just going to jump into WiFi link speed. So analiti will test the capability of the routers speed. So if your router is said it can handle speeds up to 400mbps, then your WiFi speed link should show 400mbps average. If the mbps are lower then what the router is supposed to be capable of then your router is dying and you need to replace it. I also want to point out that if your WiFi signal is low and you know your router covers the sq ft of your house then that’s an indication that WiFi channel (network) is burning out and you need to replace your router. A normal router life expectancy is roughly 2 years give or take. Some my go much longer and some might not even make it past a year, this is why I say look at customer reviews on the router you are looking to purchase.
Now if everything checks out but your still having issues (bandwidth usage is high causing you to buffer) its time to contact your isp and request them to send a tech out to inspect all wires in and around your house as we have now determined the issue is not your equipment.
⚠️Side note- even though technically streaming is not illegal in the USA at least, DO NOT tell your isp or isp tech what you are doing. If they ask just tell them you are a gamer and you are experiencing a high level of lag on your online gaming. Also let them know you have already troubleshooted your equipment and determined that it’s not the issue.
In order for your internet and device to run at its peak performance you will have to perform maintenance on both device and equipment.
Once a week you should unplug your router and device for at least 5 minutes. Your router stores cache just like your firestick, unplugging it for 5 minutes allows it to clear out cache and start fresh. I actually have my router on a plug timer, you can get one cheap at a Walmart or Target.
I have it set to power down my router at 4AM every morning and it kicks back on at 4:05. That way I have a fresh start every morning.

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